Safety sensors for railway. Keeping rolling stock on track.

For more than 15 years, Micro-Sensor has been synonymous for safety sensors in the railway industry. We specialize in the development and production of sensors for measuring

  • acceleration & vibration
  • angular velocity and
  • inclination

The products of Micro-Sensor contribute significantly to the increase of efficiency and safety in rail transport.

Micro-Sensor develops and produces individual sensors with customer-specific adaptations. We are part of the Micro-Epsilon Group, the supplier of the world's largest range of high-precision displacement sensors, temperature sensors and industrial process instruments and systems.

OEM development

Based on our tried-and-tested and proven products, we develop individual sensor solutions. As part of our expertise in measuring inertial acceleration, inclination and angular velocity, we can implement a wide range of measurement tasks with efficient product solutions.

All the sensors we send are evaluated and tested to the performance desired by the customer. Upon request, we also provide appropriate calibration and test certificates.

Motion Lab

  • Vibration tests and calibration
  • Environmental tests
  • Calibrate tilt and angular velocity

Micro-Epsilon Group

Micro-Sensor is a member of the Micro-Epsilon Group. As the Micro-Epsilon competence center for intertial sensors, we develop digital sensors for acceleration and tilt for industrial applications.

Available at

Competence center inertial sensors

  • Micro-Sensor is the only site for the development of inertial sensors for industrial applications within the global Micro-Epsilon Group
  • Software development: Community software platforms and interfaces (ME BUS), bug-free, sophisticated and serially developed software with high functionality and security


  • Professional supply chain management
  • Great added value
  • Customers receive the professionalism and power of a global group combined with a unique innovative and flexible, rapid development effort
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ISO 9001 : 2015 Quality management

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WEEE Conformity - Sustainability

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