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Maximilian Eckardt
product manager - inertial sensors
sales (at) micro-sensor.com

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Micro-Sensor accerelometers are perfectly made to monitor the acceleration values of system structures or components.

Applications and industrial fields: 

active vibration damping, vibration measurements,compensating vibrations, preventive maintenance and vibration monitoring of wind turbines,... are just a few tasks for our acceleration sensors.

Low noise and high precision calibrated sensors, developed and produced by Micro-Sensor:



Product AxesMeasurment range Interface Product line 
BG21661,2±30g, ±50gAnalogue U/IEconomy industrial sensors
BG21681,2±2gAnalogue U/IEconomy industrial sensors
AccTRANS41±4gAnalogue IRailway sensors (EN50155)
AccTRANS+1±1gAnalogue IRailway sensors (EN50155)
AccSENS1031±8gRS485, CANopen, analogueU/I, switchHigh-performance industrial sensors