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Available with these sensors

AccIS100 dynamic - digital, one axis inclinometer with dynamic extension
AccIS102 dynamic - digital, two axes inclinometer with dynamic extension


The video shows inclication measurement with gyroskkopic stabilization by SensorFUISON

Dynamic inclination measurement with SensorFUSION

Micro-Sensor developed innovative SensorFUSION technology for our new MEMS-based inclinometers AccISseries.  It is specially designed for highly dynamic processes in which a direct response of the sensor signal and the compensation of interferences caused by accelerations is essential. With the fusion of two sensor principles, we have developed the solution to this challenge: 





The SensorFUSION filter overcomes the significant delay of the sensor response when using ordinary low-pass filtering and provides a similar suppression capability of mechanical disturbances. This functionality is achieved by combining the output of the accelerometer with the signal of an angular rate sensor via advanced Kalman-filter algorithms. This mechanism takes advantage of the angular rate sensor`s imperviousness to interference and the precision of the accelerometer. The output signal of the SensorFUSION filter is an inclination angle which is directly and immediately provided following the sensor's change in orientation.